TataNeu, Tata’s rewarding app, features, launch details, and more

TataNeu is a new app going to launch by Tata Group. This new app can be launched around April 7.

What is TataNeu App?

TataNeu is a super application, where users can buy groceries, book air tickets, and even can apply for a loan under a single platform. This app is a one-stop shop for its customers. Tata Group has included its all assets including BigBasket, 1mg, Croma, and other Tata Services under one roof.

The Term “Super App”:

A Super app term is coined in 2010 by Blackberry founder Mike Lazaridius. Super App is used to cover many apps within one single application. We can compare a super app with a shopping mall in our area, which allows many different retailers and brands to do business under one roof.

Who makes super apps?

Super apps are generally launched by companies that already provide many products or services. Super app is a tool that merges all these services under one application.

Some Indian-origin Super Apps:

The main purpose of the super app lies in its simplicity and convenience. It allows a platform that increases user engagement in the least amount of time. In India, many brands already running super apps. Some of the notable super apps are the following:

  • Reliance Jio
  • Paytm
  • PhonePe
  • Zee5

What are the Benefits of Super Apps:

As the name suggests, a super app has more superpowers than a regular app. It is a one-stop platform for doing multiple tasks without switching to other apps. Super app is like a physical mall, which has many retailers and brands serving customers.

  • Super app is much faster and less risky product launches
  • Launching a new product is easier
  • Lower product ownerships and app development costs

How to download TataNeu App:

As of now, TataNeu is launched for Tata Group employees, where they can invite up to 5 friends & family members and get rewarded.

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