August 2023 CFA Level 2 Results Today; Pass rate for previous exams

New York: About five weeks from the CFA level 2 exams, the institute is now set to announce the results. The August 2023 CFA Level 2 results are likely to be declared today, October 5. The students awaiting to receive scorecards will be informed by the CFA institute through their registered email addresses. Meanwhile, CFA level I results announced on October 3, indicated a historical dip in pass rate which fell to 37%.  

The CFA results are made available typically after 5-7 weeks of the exams. CFA Level III results are announced much later, after 7-8 weeks. Students have the option to access the CFA results 2023 from their email address as well as from account registered with the institute.

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Successful candidates can move to register themselves for next level of CFA exams. The registration process is completely online. Students usually get enough time to register for next step, so it is not necessary to rush for the registration immediately after getting result. 

August 2023 CFA Level II results on email

The CFA result email mentions the passing status – “Passed” or “Did Not Passed”. More information on CFA results can be accessed by logging into the registered account.

Even after this, CFA is very selective when it comes to disclosing result information. It does not provide enough information on individual scorecards. All you know is that you have outscored the minimum passing score. The MPS for CFA exam remains below 70% in most cases. 

Pass rate for CFA level II

The Level II CFA pass rates are disclosed as soon as the result is published. The pass rate for CFA Level II hovered from 40 to 44% in previous year. In May 2023 CFA Level II results, the pass rate climbed to 52%. Unlike this trend, the CFA level I pass rate has fluctuated and declined from 39 to 37%.