Harvard Law School LSAT Score 2023

Harvard Law School, one of the most popular institutions for study of the JD Degree programme in the USA. As per US News Ranking 2023, HLS is 5th best in Law School in the USA. It offers unmatched opportunities to students with its vibrant culture, cutting research activities, and world class faculties. Being a highly respected law school in the world, Harvard Law School is a dream college for law aspirants. Harvard accepts either Law School Admission Test scores or Graduate Record Exam (GRE) for admission to Junior Deferral Program (JD). However, HLS does not have a preference for either of these tests.

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When it comes to LSAT, applicants should have an idea of what score they have to target to secure a seat in Harvard Law School. Knowing Harvard Law School LSAT score will give them a clear target so they can prepare well. In this article, we have provided all details related to Harvard Law School LSAT score 2023, along with details on seat intake, tuition fee and other relevant things. Let’s start!

Harvard Law School – JD Degree Program Overview

Name of programJunior Deferral Program (JD)
Student intakeApprox. 560 
Tests acceptedLSAT & GRE
Application dateSeptember 15, 2023
Harvard Law School application deadlineFebruary 15, 2024
Acceptance rate10%
Tuition fee$75,008

Harvard Law School Admission 

The applications for Harvard Law School admission 2023 will be accepted from September 15. For JD Class 2025, the HLS received 8,825 applications, whereas an admission offer was given to 822 applicants. The Harvard Law School acceptance rate was 10%. According to the law school, this resulted in 559 J.D students from the USA and 18 international students taking admission in September 2022.

Harvard Law School LSAT Score 2023

The LSAT score for Harvard Law School 2023 will be disclosed later. However, the J.D class 2025 batch data is available. Let’s look at the numbers;

Harvard Law School 75th LSAT Percentile

The LSAT 25th percentile score for HLS was 176. Meaning, 25% candidates scored 176+ score in LSAT and thus got admission to HLS. Now, this score is really good. LSAT score ranges are from 120 to 180. 120 is the minimum LSAT score, and 180 highest. So, scoring 176+ is almost 98%!

Harvard Law School 50th Percentile

The 50th percentile score for HLS was 174. There is a difference of 2 marks from 75th percentile to 50th percentile which indicates a tough competition among the students.

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Harvard Law School 25th Percentile

Now, this should give a much clear picture on what LSAT score the applicant should aim for. The LSAT 25th percentile for Harvard Law School is 170. This is almost equal to the median score for top 10 law schools in the USA. An LSAT score of less than 170 indicates low chances of getting admission to HLS.

Now that we have the Harvard Law School LSAT score, let’s look at the average LSAT score. Actually comparing Harvard 25th percentile and average LSAT score for all applicants doesn’t make sense. The average LSAT score was 159 in 2022, much lower than 25th percentile of Harvard. In comparison, Harvard Law School’s median LSAT score is 174!

Harvard Law School Application Deadlines Fall 2024

The applications for Fall term 2024 will open from September 15, 2023. Applications will be accepted from the official website of the university – hls.harvard.edu/. The deadline for Harvard Law School applications is February 15, 2024 (11:59 pm). The decisions for Fall 2024 term admissions will be released from January 2024.