LSAT Score Range for Top Law Schools

LSAT scores are required for admission to most of the law schools in the USA. The LSAT score range is 120-180. 120 being the lowest possible score and 180 maximum LSAT score. While the average LSAT score in 2022 was 159, admissions to top universities were offered at higher scores. Now if we look at the LSAT score range for top law schools, we can see, all of them have a 170+ median score and it is actually very difficult to achieve. These universities are also those who have very low acceptance rates. 

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Let’s now look at the top law schools in the USA.

Before we start looking into the LSAT score, median scores, or percentile, we need to check the list of top law schools in the USA. 

US News has ranked the law schools in following manner;

RankName of university
1Stanford University
1Yale University
3University of Chicago
4University of Pennsylvania (Carey)
5Duke University
5Harvard University 
5New York University
8Columbia University 
8University of Virginia
10Northwestern University (Pritzker) 
10University of California, Berkeley
10University of Michigan–Ann Arbor
Top Law Schools in USA 2023

LSAT Score Reports

The LSAT scores are released as per the schedule given by the Law School Admission Council. Students have the option to preview their LSAT score before the council reports it to the law schools. This option however is subject to payment of some cost. The LSAT score report mentions the following details.

  • Current LSAT score 
  • Results of all reportable tests
  • Percentile rank
  • Score band

Here are the LSAT score range for top Law schools in USA

LSAT Score Range for Top Law Schools

SchoolMedian LSAT Score25th-75th PercentileMedian GPA
Yale University175171-1783.94
Harvard University174170-1763.92
Columbia University173171-1753.87
Stanford University173170-1763.92
University of Chicago173169-1753.91
Cornell University172170-1743.87
University of Pennsylvania (Carey)172167-1733.9
New York University172169-1743.88
Washington University in St. Louis172164-1733.94
University of Virginia171166-1733.94
University of California, Los Angeles171166-1723.9
Northwestern University (Pritzker)171166-1723.89
Georgetown University171166-1723.87
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor171166-1723.83
Duke University170168-1713.85
University of California, Berkeley170167-1723.83
Boston University170164-1713.84
University of Texas, Austin170166-1713.84
Vanderbilt University170163-1703.9
University of Florida (Levin)169162-1703.9
University of Southern California (Gould)168165-1693.87
University of Georgia168156-1693.87
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill166162-1673.77
LSAT Score Range for Top Law Schools

LSAT Score for Top Law Schools – Summary

  • All these law schools have a very low acceptance rate indicating high competition and limited seats.
  • The median score for all college put together was 159 last year, the median LSAT score for top universities is 172
  • When it comes to Law school admission, Yale University tops the list with a median score of 175.
  • Harvard University, Stanford Law School, University of Chicago and Columbia Law Schools are closely following Yale University.
  • There are many Law schools in the USA that accept GRE instead of LSAT score. Some of the universities are also considering adopting a test optional approach or dropping the LSAT score requirement altogether.