Five Best Health & Physical Education Schools in USA

For those hoping to work in the industry, choose the correct institution to study health and physical education is crucial. There are a number of prestigious universities with outstanding programs in the United States. This article will examine the top five universities in the USA for health and physical education, emphasizing each institution’s distinctive qualities, program specifics, and rankings. Let’s get going!

University of Southern California (USC):

Program Highlights: USC offers Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology which focuses on health, exercise, and physical education streams. The program is based on the study of health sciences. Internships and research opportunities are part of this program. USC is a top university uin the country and its program is known for health and physical education. The expert faculty and modern facilities for this program at USC make an attractive option for students.

University of Southern California

University of Texas at Austin (UT Austin):

Program Highlights: UT Austin’s Department of Kinesiology and Health Education offers a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. The university also offers a postgraduate program in Kinesiology. The program focuses on exercise physiology, human behavior, sports culture, and health promotion. Cutting-edge research, internships and classroom experience are highlights of Health & Physical Education at the University of Texas.

Ranking: The National Academy of Kinesiology has ranked the Department of Kinesiology and Health Education #9 in research. It is an acknowledgement of the university’s cutting-edge research facilities in health science promotion.

University of Texas at Austin

University of Michigan:

Program Highlights: The School of Kinesiology at the University of Michigan offers Bachelor’s degrees in Movement Science and Physical Education. The program focuses on applied exercise science, athletic training, movement science and sports management. The university has 28 research and labs to promote health science and education.

University of Michigan

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

Ranked 64th in QS World Ranking 2023, the university has a Department of Kinesiology and Community Health.  

Program Highlights: The department offers a degree program in Kinesiology, Community Health, and Interdisciplinary Health Sciences. The Kinesiology curriculum prepares students for careers in human movement science fields and advanced professional or graduate study. 

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:

Program Highlights: UNC Chapel Hill’s College of Exercise and Sport Science offers undergraduate program in n Exercise and Sport Science. The fast-paced program makes students ready for hands-on experience in cutting-edge science by providing a strong foundation in exercise physiology, biomechanics, and physical education.

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill