August 2023 LSAT score to be released on August 30; Here’s LSAT score range for top Law schools

The Law School Admission Council (LSAC) will release the scores of August 2023 LSAT on August 30. Test takers can check August 2023 LSAT scores online from their registered accounts at

August 2023 LSAT is the first such test in which test takers have the option to choose from  online, remote proctored test and centre based administration. The primary August LSAT 2023 test dates are August 11 and 12. The LSAT writing was made available on August 3.

August 2023 LSAT score preview

The score preview feature is relatively new in LSAT. Basically, with this, the test takers have the option to see the score before LSAC adds it to your account and reports the same to the law school. The student has this option to keep the score or cancel it. However, LSAT score preview comes with a cost. August LSAT 2023 score preview will be available on August 10, at the cost of $45. Students have six days to decide whether to accept the score or cancel it. In case they do not take any action, the score will be reported to the law school. 

From August 19 to August 29, the LSAT score preview will const $75.

August 2023 LSAT Score Release; How to check?

The score will be shared through the LSAT 2023 taker’s LSAC account. However, an email notification will be sent to the student informing that the LSAT scores are now available. Such emails are sent to the students at around 9 am. The August LSAT scores will be reported to the law schools as soon as you receive it.

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2023 LSAT score range for top law schools

The average LSAT score in 2022 was 159. However, students should try to score more than 170 to get into top law schools. Yale, Harvard, Columbia, Cornell, Stanford University are the top law schools in the USA and have the maximum number of applicants. Below we have mentioned the LSAT score for top 23 law schools in fall 2022. 

SchoolMedian LSAT Score25th-75th PercentileMedian GPA
Yale University175171-1783.94
Harvard University174170-1763.92
Columbia University173171-1753.87
Cornell University172170-1743.87
University of Pennsylvania (Carey)172167-1733.9
Stanford University173170-1763.92
University of Chicago173169-1753.91
New York University172169-1743.88
Washington University in St. Louis172164-1733.94
University of Virginia171166-1733.94
University of California, Los Angeles171166-1723.9
Northwestern University (Pritzker)171166-1723.89
Georgetown University171166-1723.87
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor171166-1723.83
Duke University170168-1713.85
University of California, Berkeley170167-1723.83
Boston University170164-1713.84
University of Texas, Austin170166-1713.84
Vanderbilt University170163-1703.9
University of Florida (Levin)169162-1703.9
University of Southern California (Gould)168165-1693.87
University of Georgia168156-1693.87
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill166162-1673.77
LSAT score for top universities

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