July 2023 California Bar exam result on November 09; Pass rate & statistics for previous exams

The July 2023 California Bar Exam was held on Tuesday and Wednesday, July 25–26, 2023 as in person examination. The California Bar exam result July 2023 are set to be announced on November 09. Applicants will be able to access the result of California Bar Exam July 2023, online from the registration portal. The California Bar Exam pass rate will also be available along with the result.

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One of the toughest Exams in USA, the California Bar Exam has a low pass rate. In February 2023 California Bar Exam, only 32.5 percent (1,224) of applicants could pass the examination and 56.9 percent of applicants could pass the Attorny’s exam. The pass rates varied nationwide, with most of the states recording declining pass rates.

February 2023 California Bar Exam Pass Rates 

CityFebruary 2023 pass rate February 2022 pass rate 
New York40%45%
Washington D.C.45%42%
Pennsylvania 44%44%
California Bar Exam Pass Rate

Here are the statistics for February 2023 General Bar Exam

  • Completed the General Bar Exam: 3,765 applicants
  • First-time applicants: 1,100 (29.2 percent of total)
  • Pass rate for first-time applicants: 45 percent overall
  • Repeat applicants: 2,665 (70.8 percent of total)
  • Pass rate for repeat applicants: 28 percent overall

Pass rate for General Bar Exam by law school type:

School TypeFirst-TimersRepeaters
California ABA49%37%
Out-of-State ABA47%34%
California Accredited (not ABA)31%18%
Unaccredited: Fixed-Facility33%11%
Unaccredited: Correspondence25%8%
Unaccredited Distance-Learning21%10%
All Applicants45%28%

About California Bar Exam 

The California Bar Exam is conducted by the State Bar of California. The exam is held twice a year. The exam covers five one-hour essays, one 90 minute performance test and Multistate Bar Examination (MBE), haveing 200 questions in multiple-choice type. As per the State Bar of California, around 16,0000 applicants take California Bar Exam every year. Next California Bar exam will be held in February 2024.

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