Zomato launch 10-minute delivery soon, know more

Famous food delivery company Zomato planning for ultra-fast delivery. The company made a deal with Blinkit to make 10-minute delivery possible.

Zomato partnerships with cloud kitchens:

According to the information, Zomato will launch fast delivery in association with cloud kitchen companies and restaurants. For now, Zomato can start with partners restaurants in the early stages.

Gurgaon might be the first city for its pilot program:

The company can start this service in April under a pilot program in some cities. Gurgaon may be the first city. Zomato started deliveries in 10 to 15 minutes at four locations in Bengaluru last year. However, in some places, the company provides the service of delivery in 20 minutes. Delivery time will also depend on the location.

The food-delivery company is considering several plans to do so. For this, it is also looking at using the warehouse for business-to-business supplies of its restaurant partners. Additionally, it is looking at a model in which restaurants can directly supply selected menu items.

Zomato share price update:

However, Zomato company facing losses in the share market, its stock has declined significantly and it had gone below the issue price. On Thursday it closed above Rs 80, while at one point it went up to Rs 150.

Zomato also invested on food automation company:

Zomato had earlier invested $5 million in Mukunda Foods, a robotics company. The company designs smart robots for the automation of food preparation in restaurants. This new technology will help Zomato for quick preparation of food items.

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