Best Backlink Tools to build SEO Strategy – Free & Paid (Compared)

A Backlink is a link from a website to a page on another website. Search engines like – Google, consider these backlinks as the strongest ranking factor.

Importance of backlinks in SEO:

Backlinks have been a very influential factor of search engine algorithms since the beginning. Google and other major search engines consider backlinks as “votes” for the pages. Pages with a good number of backlinks tend to have a high search engine ranking. However, we must remember that there is a direct correlation between the quantity and quality of backlinks and rankings. Good quality backlinks can help any website in such following things:

Improves Organic Ranking:

Creating backlinks helps to increase the organic ranking of a website/blog. Search engine counts the quality backlinks for your webpage and provides more value in SERPs.

Faster Indexing:

Before ranking your page, the Search engine should know your existence on the internet. Pages already indexed in the search engines can provide links and authority for this new page. Which helps new web pages to index more quickly.

Referral Traffic:

A referral from a third party to your blog can provide your page with some extra traffic. Getting more referrals to your web page is known as the off-page SEO technique.

How to Build Backlinks?

The key thing to keep in mind when creating backlinks is that quality is more important than quantity. As we have already discussed, the search engine offers more value to a backlink that comes from trusted and authoritative websites with high domain authority. So there are a few ways to create quality backlinks:

Unique Articles:

There’s information all over the Internet. We should write relevant and competitive content. Because if you don’t have content that is worthwhile linking to, no one will provide a link back to your content.

Blog Comments:

Blog comments are very old and popular ways to gain backlinks. But rather than spamming the comment box. First, read the blog and try to add some meaningful insight into the topic. Help the author with some good information and build the relationship.

Best tools for Backlinks (Free & Paid):

There are many tools in the market which could help you to build your site’s backlinks and gain ranking in search engines. Some of them also provide other features like- competitor analysis. Which helps you to create your strategy against your competitors.

1. SEMRush:

SEMrush is one of the top recommended tools for SEO. It’s one of the best keyword research tools in the market. This tool lets you help to analyze backlinks.

Price: SEMrush is a paid tool. But you can still use many features with a free account.

2. Ubersuggest:

Ubersuggest is a tool brought to you by SEO expert Neil Patel. This tool can help you to analyze traffic, keyword and provides content ideas.

Price: Ubersuggest’s free version provides many features. But if you’re looking for serious backlink analysis, then we suggest the paid version. Ubersuggest prices are lower than any other SEO tools.

3. Ahrefs:

Ahrefs is a powerful tool for SEO. Like SEMRush, it’s easy to use. Ahref is an All-in-one SEO toolset to optimize your website and analyze your competitors. Ahref community support and learning materials are a plus.

Price: Ahref is paid tool. But you can take a 7-day trial before purchasing a full-fledged premium plan.

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