Apple holds 7 spots in 2021 bestselling smartphones

Smartphones have changed our way of living. These tiny devices let us do work while commuting with each other, chat, shop, flight booking, and do many other days to day living activities simply with a tap of our fingers. Without smartphones, it’s impossible to do a simple task today. Also, this ongoing pandemic has shown us the importance of smartphones in daily lives. Moreover, choosing the best smartphones is also a big headache now. Daily companies launching new phones with extraordinary features without putting holes in our pockets. Still, there are some companies like – Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, and others that are fighting to become the top choice between users.

So, we have streamlined our search and made a list of some companies which hold the most seats in the top 10 selling smartphones in 2021. Here takes a look at this list:

Source: Counterpoint

These top 10 best-selling smartphone models contributed 19% of the total global smartphones sales in 2021. Which is 16% in the year 2020. According to Counterpoint research data. Apple, Samsung, and Xiaomi were the only brands that hold the seats in 2021 best-selling.

As per the data, Apple holds the maximum 7 spots in best top 10 selling smartphones list. It’s highest ever. Where Xiaomi holds 2 spots and Samsung one.

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