Will have to wait more for 5G connection; Read this report!

Where on one hand all the smartphone companies in India are competing to launch 5G phones. Be it domestic or foreign brands, everyone wants a maximum share in the market. The Government of India was set to conduct the trials of 5G connection spectrum in the first quarter of 2022. This has now been extended for a few months.

If reports are to be believed, DoT (Department of Telecommunications) has extended the 5G network trials for 6 months. It has been told in the reports that at present the average price of spectrum required for 5G internet is very high. Which is one of the main reasons for this delay. According to a publication, a lot of spectrum are yet to be cleared from the Ministry of Defense and ISRO. Currently, the Ministry of Defense supports the 3300-3400 MHz band and ISRO supports the 3400-3424 MHz band.

How much internet speed will be available in the new 5G network?

5G connectivity has 3 times more spectrum capacity than 4G. Due to this, we get 10 times more internet speed than 4G in a 5G network. That is, the ability to download or upload any data will be much better than 4G. With the advent of 5G network, we will see an increase in technology in many areas like – Education, Health, Transport, Traffic Management, Smart Cities, Smart Homes.

100 Mbps speed will be available in Vodafone-Idea (Vi) 5G network

As reported by ET, Vodafone-Idea (Vi Network) has successfully tested its 5G spectrum in Gandhinagar, Gujarat. According to the company, the download speed of around 100 Mbps has been seen in this test. Nokia company hardware has been used for this spectrum. With this successful test, an area of ​​17.5 km is being given the highest speed of 100Mbps in 5G connection.

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