How AI-powered Microsoft Bing changing search experience

NEW DELHI: The AI competition between Google and Microsoft is going to become more interesting as the latter has announced AI powered Bing search engine and Edge web browser. The new AI powered Bing now delivers better search results, more complete answers and new chat experience. It has the ability to generate content alongside the search results.

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“AI will fundamentally change every software category, starting with the largest category of all – search,” said Satya Nadella, Chairman and CEO, Microsoft at the launch of AI powered Bing search engine.

Features of New Bing search engine

The search engine will seamlessly show better, complete results. However, among the highlights of the launch is an interactive chat feature that comes with search results in Bing. It is similar to ChatGPT like conversational feature and helps you refine your searches, find better answers with clarity, precision along with links. 

Content generation

New AI powered Bing search engine will also help in content generation. It can write emails, tell you how make a food recipe, list pros and cons of food supplements in its search page itself. While generating the content, Bing cites the sources and gives link to the websites to make it easy for the user to get more detailed information.

New Microsoft Edge experience

In the Microsoft Edge web browser, two new functionalities have been added – chat and compose. The compose function is similar to Bing’s content creation feature. It can write a post with some prompts. The chat function is more interactive and helps you compare various reports, or features.

Microsoft Bing is reinventing search with AI

The new Bing search engine is based on four technological breakthroughs. 

Next-generation OpenAI model

The integration of OpenAI means It is based on the learnings of ChatGPT and GPT3.5. And, thus it is more powerful than ChatGPT and is designed specifically for search.

Microsoft Prometheus model

It gives you more targeted search results which are relevant to the query with improved safety.

AI in core search algorithm

The core search algorithm which is behind the ranking of any listed website is powered by AI. This makes the search querries more accurate and relevant.

New user experience

The interactive Bing search engine has an AI based chat feature that uses its database to interact and respond.

The new AI based Bing is now available in preview. Those who want to experience it can visit The launch of AI powered Bing, ChatGPT and Google’s Bard are surely going to change our experience with the search engines and open a completely new phase of competition between Google and Microsoft where AI plays a dominant role.