Oneplus 9, Oneplus 9 Pro features Hasselblad branded camera systems

Smartphone photography has grown from just a convenience to capturing the perfect portrait pictures with seemingly-impossible nightscapes. Till now we have the Oneplus 8 pro, the first and only camera system with a truly great camera in smartphones from Oneplus. Now recently company comes forward saying that their Oneplus 9 and Oneplus 9 pro comes with fine-tuned camera performance in partnership with Hasselblad.

Meet Hasselblad:

Hasselblad, the famous Swedish camera company that sent their camera to the moon to take pictures of the lunar landing. It gives us the iconic moment of the first man stepped on the moon with part of the apollo moon mission. Hasselblad is one of the major manufactures of camera lenses. They mainly focused on extremely high-end medium format cameras.

How it’s relevant to Oneplus Smartphones:

The history of Hasselblad is very impressive. But in terms of how it’s relevant to the Oneplus camera, we are going to find out. So recently Oneplus CEO Pete Lau has putting stuff on Twitter and their social media pages.

These pictures and comparative photos of what their new camera system is capable of. In this tweet here they’re drawing attention to the ultra-wide capabilities of the Oneplus 9 series with another photo from a regular ultrawide lens from a competing smartphone.

So those whole bunch of shots was taken from Oneplus on their new ultrawide lens. They do look nice and more important thing; they are seemingly distortion-free. This is pretty neat coming from a smartphone camera now the way that they’re doing it is through a freeform lens on the IMX 766 sensors so this lens can correct the distortion before it even hits the sensor which is kind of neat and it seems pretty convincing.

The second thing is the new custom sensor that they’ve made for the main flagship sensor IMX 789. It’s supposedly custom made specifically for the Oneplus 9 series and this sensor is supposed to be stacked it can shoot 4k video at 120 frames per second and it has sony’s new digital overlap HDR, which is supposed to be really fast where they’re taking two exposures almost the same time and they’re able to merge it into the one really clean image.

Natural Color Calibration with Hasselblad

Hasselblad really comes into play here in software, particularly in color. So, in their original media statement, they mentioned that they had worked with Hasselblad to develop some new color science for their camera systems and that’s very important when it comes to the Oneplus camera systems.

Because as we know. There have been issues like especially when it comes to switching lenses on Oneplus 8 Pro like if you’re switching between the zoom lens and the wide, ultra-wide there is like a slight colour shift between them like- some are redder, some are greener and we are assuming that this partnership can resolve issues like that.

Apart from these specifics, Oneplus revealed that almost every bit of Oneplus 9 camera systems, in terms of hardware and software has been optimized with Hasselblad.