Fortnite Game Server Shutdown in China

According to the a Chinese website, the Chinese version of Fortnite will be shutdown in 2 weeks, on November 15. The Chinese government has always been strict regarding cyber laws. Many social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter are already banned in China. Instead of these platforms, people here use indigenous applications. Whose servers are located in China. Because of this, the data of the application of the people remains limited to the country.

Fortnite game has been present in beta version in China since 2018. However, the game never reached its main version due to strict cyber laws. Due to which now its developers have to shut down its server in China.

Let us tell you that according to the government rules of China, people under the age of 19 cannot play games for more than 3 hours a week. It is very difficult for companies to get a permit to sell virtual goods in the same country. Due to which the gaming company is finding it expensive to make profit from its freemium business model. Let us tell you that with this model, the company gives some features to the consumers to use it for free. And charges for premium features.

However, officially the company has remained silent on the reasons. But China’s strict cyber laws may be the main reason for this.

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