India ranks 132 in UNDP HDI 2021 report; All you need to know

UNDP HDI 2021 Report

The United Nation Development Program (UNDP) has released the Human Development Report 2021, on September 8, 2022. India is ranked 132nd among the 192 countries in the report, dropping by one rank compared to the HDI 2020 report. India’s HDI score is 0.633, placing her in the category of medium human development countries.

HDI is measured for assessing the long-term progress of the countries on three indicators: Life expectancy, Access to knowledge and life standard. Each indicator is assigned a score depending on country’s performance.

HDI score of India on key parameters

ParameterScore in 2021Score in 2020
Life expectancy 67.2 years69.7 years
Expected years of schooling11.9 years12.2 years
Mean years of schooling6.656.65
Standard of life measured in terms of Gross National Income6589.986107.494
Source: UNDP HDR 2021