How many times can you take the LSAT?

LSAT is a standardized assessment test conducted by Law School Admission Council. Given that almost all law schools in USA and Canada accept LSAT as a standard admission test, students are required to take it before applying for law school admissions

There are multiple LSAT test windows available for students. LSAT is conducted seven times a year. So, if you want to take LSAT, you always have the flexibility of choosing/scheduling your LSAT test. 

Coming to the number of attempts, students can take LSAT three times in a single year. The LSAT registration fee is $222 for each attempt.

What is the LSAT testing cycle?

In 2023, LSAT was held in the months of January, February, and April. The upcoming LSAT tests will be held in June, August, September, October, and November.

In 2024, LSAT test will be offered in January, February, April, and June. 

LSAT Test Dates 2023 – Deadlines, Score Release Dates, 

AdministrationPrimary test datesLSAT Writing opensRegistration deadlineTest Date Change deadline (discountedScore release
June 2023 — LSAT6/9/20236/10/20236/1/20234/25/20236/28/2023
August 2023 — LSAT8/11/20238/12/20238/3/20236/29/20237/3/20238/30/2023
September 2023 — LSAT9/8/20239/9/20238/31/20237/25/20238/1/20239/27/2023
October 2023 — LSAT10/13/202310/14/202310/5/20238/31/20239/5/202311/1/2023
November 2023 — LSAT11/10/202311/11/202311/2/20239/28/202310/3/202311/29/2023
January 2024 — LSAT1/12/20241/13/20241/4/202411/30/202312/5/20231/31/2024
February 2024 — LSAT2/9/20242/1/202412/26/20231/2/20242/28/2024
April 2024 — LSAT4/12/20244/4/20242/29/20243/5/20245/1/2024
June 2024 — LSAT6/7/20246/8/20245/30/20244/23/20244/30/20246/26/2024
LSAT test dates 2023-24