How to get a Certificate of Origin in India online? Export from India

In late 2019, the Government of India came up with a Certificate of Origin (CoO) system. Exporters from India who were exporting to countries with whom India had a preferential trade pact, were required to obtain a CoP. Now, in October 2021, the government has expanded the CoP system to cover all merchandise export through a trade notice.

Read notice here: Trade Notice by Ministry and Commerce and Industry, GoI

What is a Certificate of Origin?

A Certificate of Origin declares that good in the export shipment has been manufactured in a particular country. The nationality of the product is mentioned in the Certificate of origin. Exporters in India should obtain the certificate of origin and show it to the customs officials to get the customs clearance. The GoI has created a Common Digital Platform for Issuance of Certificate of Origin where exporters can apply for a certificate of origin.

At present, the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT) issues two types of certificates of origin, these are;

1) Non-Preferential CoO 

2) Preferential CoO.

How to obtain certificate of origin in India? – Important documents and settings

One can apply online for a certificate of origin by visiting the DGFT portal – However, before starting the application process, the exporters must ensure the following things.

  • They must have a Digital Signature Certificate containing IEC available with them and install the DSC software in the system available in the digital key. 
  • Thye must Install Java in the system 
  • After installing Java, Go to the program menu and search “configure java” and open. 
  • Redirect to Security – Edit Site List  – Click Add  – Type “” and click “Add” 
  • Open the browser and enter the URL as “”. 

How to apply for Certificate of Origin in India?

Step 1: Visit the official website for Certificate of origin –

Step 2: For Registered Users will have log in using the valid credentials along with the captcha.

Step 3: Registered User can see the welcome screen/dashboard as shown below.

Step 4: After clicking on apply for certificate of origin, fill the application form.

  1. Here you will have to enter details such as export type, Shipment request type (before shipment or after shipment), issuing agency, regional office name and other details.
  2. Exporter details – name, country, address, transporter details, export invoice number and date
  3. Importer details – name, country address
  4. Product details along with document
  5. Declaration by exporter
  6. Submit the application form using DSC after entering all details 

Step 5: Click “Preview Certificate” to View draft CoO. It will show the certificate details as shown below. After that, click on “Proceed to Payment”.

Step 6: Payment Successful notice

After successful application submission, the exporter will receive an alert registered email and mobile number. The same is also informed to the office where the application is filled.

The certificate of origin application ends here. Exporters are advised to keep checking the government notices regarding Certificate of Origin to stay updated.

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