US-China War On Cards?

China Sends 37 warplanes to Taiwan

China has sent around 40 warplanes to Taiwan just before the island plans a military drill to practise defending itself against a potential invasion


The Taiwan military drill starts next week. Combat readiness and civilian safety measures are part of it.


Civilian safety measure includes evacuating the civilians and taking them to the nearest bomb shelter.


The enhanced military drill this year is seen as a response to increased Chinese aggression


According to the Taiwan defense ministry, the Chinese warplanes include J-10 and J-16 fighters and H-6 bombers


The defense ministry has detected 22 warplanes that have crossed the Taiwan Strait – an unofficial boundary between the island and the mainland.


The split of Taiwan and China took place in 1949. Communist Party took over China, and Chiang Kai-shek formed the Republic of China in Taiwan. 


US has robust ties with Taiwan and has pledged to defend it in the event of an invasion 


However, it has adhered to one China policy and does not recognize Taiwan as a separate nation.


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