UFOs Allegedly Seen Over Ennis Texas

Most people have witnessed unexplainable phenomena in the skies.

Unexplainable Skies

Ennis man frequently observes UFOs and captures video evidence.

UFO Sighting in Ennis, Texas

Federal government rebrands UFOs as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

Government's Response to UFOs

Senate majority leader introduces legislation requiring review and declassification of evidence related to non-human intelligence.

Congressional Interest in UAP

Identifying objects in the sky remains challenging. Some sightings cannot be easily explained.

Ambiguity of UFO Sightings

Congress acknowledges a possibility of withheld information about aerial phenomena.

Bipartisan Agreement on UAP

Government takes steps to review and declassify evidence related to non-human intelligence.

Government's Declassification Efforts

UFO sightings remain a subject of fascination and intrigue. Government and public interest in understanding aerial anomalies continue to rise.

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