Top 10 Most Wanted Hackers (FBI Top 10)

Dubbed "most wanted computer criminal in US history," renowned hacker, and inspiration for the film "Track Down."

Kevin Mitnick


Tragic story of a young hacker, "c0mrade," who hacked commercial and government networks and faced prison as a minor.

Jonathan James


Leader of ShadowCrew hacker group, involved in credit card theft and identity fraud.

Albert Gonzalez


Known as "Dark Dante," gained fame by hacking a radio station and won a Porsche.

Kevin Poulsen


Allegedly orchestrated the largest military computer hack ever.

Gary McKinnon


Creator of the first known computer worm, son of a computer scientist.

Robert Tappan Morris


Active hacker since the 1970s, part of hacking groups like Legion of Doom (LOD).

Loyd Blankenship


Started hacking at 16 as "Mendax," accessed government and corporate networks.

Julian Assange


An enigmatic hacker/group targeting US officials and the politically prominent.

Guccifer 2.0


Infamous decentralized hacker group with no fixed membership, involved in various cyber activities.



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