What Was the Manhattan Project?

Oppenheimer, father of atomic bomb, starred by Cillian Murphy in a biographical thriller.

The Manhattan Project, from 1942-1947, harnessed nuclear energy, starting the atomic age.

President Roosevelt approved the bomb's creation in 1942, establishing the Manhattan District.

Oak Ridge and Los Alamos chosen as secret sites for uranium and bomb development.

Chicago Pile (CP-1), world's first nuclear reactor, constructed by December 1942.

Hanford approved for plutonium production, developing the 'X-10 Graphite Reactor' by 1943.

Truman informed of the Manhattan Project after Roosevelt's passing in April 1945.

On July 16, 1945, the 'Trinity Test' successfully detonated the first atomic device.

This controversial explosion changed the course of humanity forever.

The Manhattan Project employed over 1,30,000 people across the US.

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