Top 10 best American Tank

Top #10


Built during 1950s, T92 paved the way for lightweight tank



M551 Sheridan

An amphibious light tank, M1551 was a key destroyer during Vietnam war


M3 Stuart

M3 Stuart was another light tank used during World War-II. It was quick and agile tank that could engage multiple enemies.



The last American heavy tank, M103 was developed to counter Soviet tanks during the 1950s cold war


M24 Chaffee

Successor of M3 Stuart, the M24 Chaffee was an impactful tank. Played a crucial role in the success of Allied power


M4 Sherman

Easy to manufacture and cheap, M4 Sherman was a versatile tank used during world war II


M26 Pershing

Successor of M4 Sherman, this tank came with powerful 90 mm M3 gun, made for kill


M48 Patton

M48 was the main battle tank during the Vietnam War



Comes with superior firepower, high mobility and speed, M60 was used in both Vietnam and Gulf war


M1 Abram

Developed during gulf war, over 10,000 M1 Abrams and its variants are serving the US Army

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