Earth may face catastrophic collapse by 2025

Science suggests


The AMOC, an Atlantic Ocean current, brings warmth from the tropics to Europe, preventing icy winters in north-west Europe.

 an Atlantic Ocean current


Global warming has caused ice melting in the northern hemisphere, increasing freshwater volume in the Atlantic and disrupting the AMOC cycle.

disrupting the AMOC cycle


Previous studies predicted the AMOC collapse in the next century, but a new study suggests it could happen this century, possibly as early as 2025.

studies predicted the AMOC


The collapse of AMOC would have disastrous global effects, plunging temperatures across the northern hemisphere, shifting rainfall patterns southward, and affecting freshwater availability for drinking and agriculture in places like the UK.

disastrous global effects


The collapse would also accelerate temperature rise in the tropics, as warm water would remain there instead of being transported north.

accelerate temperature rise

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