Rangwali Pichoda is worn by not only brides but also married women in social and religious functions.

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 The red color energy in Pichoda and the saffron color symbolizes sacred righteousness and worldly pleasures.

 Rangwali Pichoda is worn in Kumaon in all special family festivals like Parinay, Naamkaran, Yagyopaveet Sanskar etc.

 Rangwali Pichora is three or one and a half meters long and a quarter meter wide. And in the middle there is a swastika symbol.

In Pichoda, the swastika symbol is made with OM . In the middle of the four folded arms of the swastika made in Pichoda, the figures of conch, sun, Lakshmi and bell are made. These signs are considered very auspicious in our Indian culture.

Just as Odhani and Dupatta have an important place in the dress of married women of other states, similarly Pichoda holds more importance for Kumaoni women.

It is said that earlier in the house, Pichoda was dyed with muslin or cotton cloth, but due to the lack of modernity and time, it is easily available in shops.

  Our tradition is related to the word Pichoda, in it things related to Suhag and Shubh have come to the fore and we have inherited this tradition.