Marvel Confirms New X-Men Arriving in 2024

Marvel Comics' latest teaser sparks excitement! The question "Who Are the New X-Men?" raises doubts about Krakoa's future.

Krakoan age has been tough on mutants for the past two years. Marvel's cryptic tweet adds to the uncertainty.

Fall of X: Is the island nation of mutants about to fall? Marvel's penchant for twists keeps us on our toes.

Happiness to turmoil - Krakoa's rollercoaster ride might be coming to an end. Brace for a possible shake-up in the X-Men's world.

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) joins the mystery as she returns as a mutant. Is she connected to the enigmatic "New X-Men"? Clues may lie in the trailer.

"New Mutant" in Kamala Khan's upcoming title hints at her role in the unfolding events. Is Marvel giving us a sneak peek?

Anticipation builds as fans eagerly await Marvel Comics' next move. What fate awaits Krakoa and its mutants?

Marvel loves surprises, and this time is no different. Speculation runs wild as we await the revelation of the "New X-Men."

Anticipation builds as fans await the revelation of the New X-Men's identity.

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