Margot Robbie's Brunette Era Before Barbie's Iconic Role

Margot Robbie's iconic blonde look almost erased her sweet brunette era.

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In 2014, she briefly sported deep, rich espresso hair that made her eyes sparkle.

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The brunette look debuted at the Oscars and continued for a few months.

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Margot even wore the brown hair to the Met Gala before returning to blonde.

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The darker hair made her look like her Barbie co-star Emma Mackey.

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Margot acknowledged the resemblance and considered a joke about it in the Barbie movie.

Robbie's Barbie role cements her association with blonde, though most of her styles are wigs.

Despite that, her fans still adore her for the enchanting brunette strands.

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Margot's ever-changing looks for roles have made her a versatile and captivating actor.

From Barbie to Harley Quinn, her hair transformations add depth to her on-screen personas.

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