Women's Jewellery of Uttarakhand

Sheeshphool is worn by women on the forehead on any special occasion.


Bindi is a major part of women's makeup. Which is considered a symbol of married life of women


Jhumka or kaanphool is a vital ornament worn in a woman's ear. Which is always worn by women.

Jhumke /karnphool

A woman wears a Nose ring on her nose. It is mandatory for a woman to wear it in any ritual.

Nthani/Nose ring

A nose ring cannot be worn all the time. That's why married women wear nose pin on their Noses.

Nose pin

Mangal sutra is a very special symbol of a woman's marriage. Which women wear around their neck everyday.

Mangal sutra

It is an ornament worn around the neck since the time of the ancestors. It is known by different names in different regions of Uttarakhand.


Pahunchi  is an ornament worn by women on both hands.


The ring is worn in the fingers of the hand. Due to which the beauty of the hands increases.


It is worn on the fingers of both the feet. It is used only by married women.


This is a jewel worn on the feet of a woman. Ghungroo is also attached to them.

Payal /Penjni