How Water Droplets Are Formed?



Ever wondered how those little water drops form? It's a fascinating process! Let's dive in 


Water droplets are created through a process called "condensation." When warm air containing water vapor meets a cooler surface


Imagine a glass of ice-cold lemonade on a hot day ! The outside of the glass gets all wet, right?

ice-cold lemonade


That's because the air around us is full of invisible water vapor. When it touches the cold surface of the glass, it transforms into visible water droplets.

invisible water vapor


These droplets stick together and form what we commonly know as dew.

commonly know as dew


Clouds are basically a collection of countless water droplets suspended in the air.



when those droplets get heavy and full enough, they fall to the ground as raindrops! 



The shape of a water droplet is like a little round bead. This shape is because of something called surface tension

surface tension

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