Diana Taurasi is first WNBA player to reach 10,000 points

10,000 points


Diana Taurasi's Monumental Journey to 10,000 WNBA Points

Breaking Boundaries


From Hoops to History

Diana Taurasi Becomes First to Score 10,000 Points in the WNBA


Diana Taurasi

The 'White Mamba' Reigns with 10,000 WNBA Points and Counting


Legendary Milestone

Diana Taurasi's Record-Breaking 10,000 Points in the WNBA


"Beyond the Arc

Diana Taurasi's Long 3-Pointer Marks Her Unforgettable 10,000 WNBA Points


DeWanna Bonner 

DeWanna Bonner is the next closest active player on the list. The nearly 36-year-old Connecticut Sun forward is nearly 3,300 points behind Taurasi.

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