8 Signs to Recognize a True Friend

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A Friendship That is One-sided Doesn't Survive for Long; It Should Be Two-way

You Mutually Support Each Other


You Celebrate Each Other's Achievements and Feel Genuinely Happy for Each Other When Good Things Happen.

Genuinely Happy for Each Other


A Good Friend Will Always Understand When You Are Not Available and Will Wait for You Until You Are in a Position to Talk to Them

Your Boundaries Are Respected


True Friends Don't Take Things to Their Heart. Even if They Disagree With Each Other, This Will Not Create Any Conflict.

You Can Agree to Disagree


Real Friends May Give Constructive Criticism and Help You Become a Better Version of Yourself, but They Will Never Make You Feel Bad or Ashamed for Being True to Yourself.

They're Non-judgmental


Just Being With Them Cheers You Up When You Feel Down.

Spending Time With Them Makes You Feel Good


A Good Friend Will Keep Your Secrets Safe.

You Feel Safe Sharing

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