10 Reasons Why USA is Best in the World

Top 10 

US Is A Global Superpower And Hub For All New Technologies, Development And Culture.

The Free And Open Culture Of United States Is What Makes It Best Society In The World. People From All Religions, Races Cordially Live Together 


Best In Culture

US Is By Far The Most Developed Country In The World. In 2022, Us Had A Per Capita Income Of 65,423 U.s. Dollars. The US Dollar Keeps The World Economies Running.


Economy And Income

US Is The Oldest Democracy In The World. The Democratic Culture Of US Has Inspired Many Major Countries Like India, Singapore, And Australia.


Best In Democracy

The United States Is A Leading Tech-driven Economy. Silicon Valley, California Is Known For Its Vibrant Tech Companies That Rule The World


Best In Technology

US Cinema Represented By Hollywood Is Known For Amazing Movies In Multiple Beats. Hollywood Is Today A Market Leader In The World.



Students From All Over The World Look Up To US As A Hub Of Education. The Research And Tech-driven Universities In US Offer Best Quality Education.


Best In Education

The Country Is Well Known For Its Amazing Features. From Lakes, To Snow To Rivers And Beaches, Us Has Everything To Fascinate The Imaginations Of Travelers.


Tourism In The US

Along With Its Economic Might, Us Has Strong Muscle Power In International Forums. It Literally Rules The Current World Order And Takes All Important Decisions.


Muscle Power 

The Air, Naval, And Troop Strength Of Us Makes It The Most Powerful Force In The World. The US Force Is Well Recognized Even By Rival Countries Such As Russia And China.


World’s Best Force

United States Has A Vibrant Sports Community And It Showcases Its Strength In Various International Tournaments. Baseball, Tennis, Boxing, Are Prominent Games Played In US.


Best In Sports

Salary to Live Comfortably in United States 2023